Track Induction Course

Track Induction - 6 days

Course Aims

To instruct candidates on correctly determining their responsibilities and duties when working on or near the line and to give delegates a basic understanding of the principles of track engineering including permanent way construction, components and work methods.

Course Sessions:

Company Induction
Personal Track Safety Course
Emergency First Aid
Basic Fire Awareness
Manual Handling
Introduction to Infrastructure
Ballast Formation and Drainage
Track Construction and Components
Track Geometry
Tools and Equipment
Track Maintenance
Mechanised Maintenance
Off Track and Vegetation
Extremes of Weather
Practical Demonstrations

Maximum candidates: 12

Course Objectives
On successful completion of the course the candidates will be able to:
Demonstrate their ability to use tools and equipment.
Demonstrate their understanding of Permanent Way terms and procedures

Additional Information

Candidates must be over the age of 16 be sponsored by a link-up approved railway company before undertaking the 5 day track induction course. This is a company who have been audited and certificated to supply workers to the Railway Industry. The Sentinel co-ordinator of this sponsoring company will need to sign our course booking form to confirm their intent to sponsor you and supply their linkup site ID number

Candidates click here will need to have successfully completed their PTS Initial training prior to attending the course.

Candidates will also need to have completed a medical and drug & alcohol screening prior to attending the course.

Only those with a sufficient grasp of the English language to be able to give an emergency call will be eligible to attend.

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